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1986 年「giuliano Fujiwara」はミラノでデビューを果たす。
イタリアのみならず世界のファッション界に「ミニマリズム」という新しい概念をうえつけ、多大な影響を与えた創始者 藤原喜章。彼の残した「ミニマリズム」という概念、伝統、技術、そしてそのスピリッツを受け継ぎ「マツムラ マサタカ」が新たな「giuliano Fujiwara」をスタート。
イタリアの伝統あるテーラード技術を駆使しながら、現代そして未来を表現する「giuliano Fujiwara」の根底に流れるものは「侘び」「寂び」=WABI SABIこの「侘び」「寂び」の精神を研ぎ澄ませ表現するものは、輝くような美しさの裏側に隠された陰影の美しさであり、崩れたように見えるバランスから生み出される新しい形。「マツムラ マサタカ」が提案する新しいモードの世界―「giuliano Fujiwara」

In 1986, "giuliano Fujiwara" made the debut in Milan.
The initiator of the brand, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, made a large influence not only Italy but also the fashion industry in the world as for a new concept "Minimalism".
The concept of "Minimalism", the tradition, the technology, and the spirits come down today and the successor, Masataka Matsumura starts new "giuliano Fujiwara."
The one that flows to the basis of "giuliano Fujiwara" that expresses the present age and the future while making goods use of the tailored technology with the tradition of Italy is “WABI SABI”*.The exquisite expression of the spirit of "WABI SABI" is a beauty of the shadow which is concealed on the other side of shinning beauty and new shape invented from the style that seems unbalanced.「giuliano Fujiwara」is the world of new mode that Masataka Matsumura proposes.
*WABI SABI=Japanese aesthetic of impermanence, characterized by asymmetry, asperity, simplicity, modesty, intimacy and natural processes.
A Japanese culture of WABI SABI derived from ZEN to be re-created in modernized concept.

Creative Director
マサタカ マツムラ

Masataka Matsumura
Born in 1980, spent more of his life being educated overseas in Switzerland and
England. While earning his BFA in Fashion Design, in London, Matsumura becam
-e interested in music and the arts.Masataka Matsumura has interpreted the fo
-under’s philosophy and reconstructed the stoic world of the brand using Italy’s
traditional tailoring techniques.
The new giulianoFujiwra collection has an atmosphere of sophistication that is
cool, yet avant-garde; futuristic, yet reflective of society and the world we live in.
From the world to Japan. From Japan to the world. A fusion of classic and mode-
rn. New designs will be born by re-examining and interpreting aesthetics that e-
xist in Japan today through Masataka Matsumura’s filter.

Brand History
1986 Yoshiaki Fujiwara debuts giuliano Fujiwara’s first collection
1990 Elected to be an official member of the association of Italian fashion
1991 Established Fujiwara Design Studio S.R.L.

2005. 1 STEADFAST INC. acquires Fujiwara Design Studio S.R.L.
 Masataka Matsumura installed as creative director
   . 6 Spring/Summer 2006 debuts in Tokyo and Milan

2006. 1 Autumn/Winter 2006_2007 Milan collection debuts
   . 6 Spring/Summer 2007 Milan collection
   . 8 giuliano Fujiwara AOYAMA shop opens in Tokyo, Japan
    giuliano Fujiwara Sartoria started at giuliano Fujiwara AOYAMA
   . 12 giuliano Fujiwara ELECTORE sales start

2007. 1 Autumn/Winter 2007_2008 Milan collection
   . 6 Spring/Summer 2008 Milan collection
   . 7 giuliano Fujiwara PARIS shop opens in Paris, France

2008. 1 Autumn/Winter 2008_2009 Milan collection
   . 4 Furniture Collection メgiuliano Fujiwara Form debuts at Milan Salone
   . 7 Spring/Summer 2009 Milan collection

2009. 1 Autumn/Winter 2009_2010 Milan collection
    giuliano Fujiwara MILANモ shop opens in Milan, Italy
   . 4 Furniture Collection メgiuliano Fujiwara Formモ debuts at Milan Salone
   . 6 Spring/Summer 2010 Milan collection
   . 10 giuliano Fujiwara TAIPEI shop opens in Taipei, Taiwan
   . 12 giuliano Fujiwara ROME shop opens in Rome, Italy

2010. 1 Autumn/Winter 2010_2011 Milan collection